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Commercial Catering Equipment (Monthly Collective) (Online Auction, Hillington)

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2 ITAL PROGET Model Vetrina G. Dream 24E 2V Ice Cream Display Counter, Date of Manufacture 28/04/2017, Supplied New April 2017 for £8935 + VAT, with... Closed
5 24ft Pizza Kiosk Catering Trailer, German manufacture by SEBA. Fully Electrical, Double Pull Out Pizza Ovens, 5 Fridges glass display cabinet 2 large warmers, separate... Closed
10 (2013) imanpack Model Micropac Flow Wrapping Machine, Serial No. 1873 Closed
11 IARP ice cream display freezer (cont 16) Closed
12 Scotsman AC 176 Self Contained Ice Machine (cont 10)  (Sold) Sold
23 1 x Norcool Lucozade Super 76 Glass Door Display Fridge (Cont. 11) Closed
24 1 x Burco 6 Burner Gas Oven (Cont. 11)  (Sold) Sold
25 1x x crate of assorted pots, pans, glasses, plates, mugs *crate not included* (cont 6)  (Sold) Sold
26 1x cutlery holder with cutlery (cont 4)  (Sold) Sold
27 Daewoo KOR-1N0A microwave (cont 4)  (Sold) Sold
28 Burco light duty grill, 240v (cont 4) Closed
29 1x electric fryer (cont 4)  (Sold) Sold
30 Buffalo electric fryer (cont 4)  (Sold) Sold
31 1x Philips Problend blender + 1x Waring Stick Blender (cont 4)  (Sold) Sold
32 2x Silvercrest induction cookers (cont 4)  (Sold) Sold
33 VonShef contact grill (cont 4)  (Sold) Sold
34 Cookworks microwave (cont 4) Closed
35 Wrapmaster Duo & Baco professional cling film dispensers (cont 4)  (Sold) Sold
36 Prestige KS20 800W microwave (cont 4)  (Sold) Sold
37 BlueDry model: HD-BD1053 hand dryer (cont 4)  (Sold) Sold
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