1.2 Managing Your Account

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1.2.1 Account Details

To access your account you must first be logged in – click on the Login link at the top right of the screen where you will be asked for the Username and Password you provided when you created your account. Remember not to check the box ‘Keep me signed in for today’ if you’re at a shared or public computer.

Once logged in click on the My Account link at the top right of the screen to continue.

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1.2.2 My Details

  • Changing My Details

  • To change any of the information provided simply click into the appropriate field and change as required. The ‘Save & Update’ button will change from inactive (grey) to active (blue) you do so. If you don’t want to save the changes just click on ‘Cancel’ to restore your previous details.

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1.2.3 My Invoices

You will be notified by email shortly after the last lot closes on each auction if you have been successful with your bid. Lots that you been successful on bidding on will be raised as invoices and appear within this section. Please note paper copies are no longer sent out.

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1.2.4 Paying Invoices

There are three ways to pay an invoice. In each case please use your invoice number as reference. Please note the payment deadline set on the Sale Specific Terms and Conditions to ensure you select the payment method to get the funds to us on time before collection.

  • Bank transfer

  • You can pay by BACS (up to 3 days) or CHAPS (same day) transfer directly into Sweeney Kincaid’s client account. Please note carefully the account details listed on the website and remember to include your invoice number(s) as reference.

  • At the bank

  • Any Royal Bank of Scotland branch will accept payment into Sweeney Kincaid’s client account subject to banking   terms & conditions. Please note carefully the account details listed on the website and remember to include your invoice  number(s) as reference.

  • Cheque

  • Cheques may be made out to ‘Sweeney Kincaid’ limited and sent to the address listed on the website. Please remember to include your invoice number(s) on the reverse of the cheque. As cheques must be cleared before goods may be collected it is unusual for this method to work within our payment deadlines.

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1.2.5 Deposits

Deposit payments will be allocated against your invoice. Please see Sale Specific Terms and Conditions for required amounts and deadlines; typically 15% of total invoice amount payable same day or next day. Balance and full payment may be paid by any of the stipulated methods; please note the deadline.

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1.2.6 Financing Assests

Many finance the balance after paying the deposit. This is acceptable, but you must tell us before bidding and confirm you have the finance in place. An agreed non-refundable deposit will be required.

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1.2.7 Overdue Invoices

Invoices that have not been paid and have gone beyond the terms of the Sale Specific Terms and Conditions are noted in your Account area and welcome area (top right of screen) with a red exclamation icon. Immediate attention should be given to these invoices – contact SKL immediately and make them aware of when and how you intend to pay to avoid any action being taken by SKL to recover amounts due.

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1.2.8 Change Password

You may create a new password for your account at any time via this section, however to ensure your security and the integrity of the system you will be automatically prompted to change your password every six months. Your Password should be at least six characters long and must contain at least one non-alphanumeric character (e.g. !, @, *, _ or $) Please note the Password Strength Indicator (Very Weak to Very Strong) when creating your password.

Please note: you are responsible for the security of your password. Do not supply your password to anyone else. Sweeney Kincaid will never ask you to tell us your password.

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1.2.9 Messages

On occasion we will use this area to provide essential updates and information on your account and it may be that we need you to Contact Us

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1.2.10 My Bids

The last bid you placed on any particular Lot is listed within this section. The record remains visible for a period of seven days following sale closure.

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1.2.11 My Watched Lots

As sales can often have many lots and multiple sales can be happening simultaneously, you can keep track of items you’re interested in using My Watched Lots. This functionality is only available once you are logged in.

  • Adding Watched Lots To watch an item go to the Sale Catalogue listing and click on ‘Watch this Lot’ – the button will be replaced with a ‘Watched Lot’ icon and the item will be included on your My Watched Lots list.

  • Removing Watched Lots To delete a watched item simply click on the ‘Delete’ link to the left of the item. Watched Lots are automatically removed after a period of seven days following sale closure.

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