3.2 Collecting Assets

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3.2.1 Collection Basics

Collection of any asset is only possible once full payment has been made, and when payment or part payment is made by cheque this must be cleared to our satisfaction. Please note this is together with payment of all other amounts that may be due to Sweeney Kincaid.


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3.2.2 Collection Deadline

Unless specified to the contrary in sales specific terms and conditions, you must complete collection by 5pm on the day following the close of the sale.

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3.2.3 Collection Responsibilities

When collecting an asset you must provide your own labour and equipment; removal of assets is always at your expense and risk so please consider this before arriving for collection.

In certain circumstances we may ask you for a deposit prior to and/or during the removal of the assets, which is then refunded on collection being completed to our satisfaction.

If there is a requirement for you to use a forklift truck or other lifting device to remove the assets you will need to bring appropriate documentation covering insurance and registration with you.

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3.2.4 Health and Safety

Appropriate protective clothing must be worn during the removal or transportation and regard paid to relevant handling practices and codes of practice. Where electrical installation is involved this must be left in a safe condition and the use of explosives or flame cutting equipment is only allowed with our written permission.

Please remember that at the time of sale assets have no warranty and may not necessarily comply with health and safety or have any legally required permits and certificates; it is your responsibility to make sure your asset is safe and doesn’t contravene any legislation.

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3.2.5 Storage and Delivery

In exceptional circumstances we may agree to store and deliver assets to you; this needs to be agreed in writing in advance with Sweeney Kincaid and you will be liable for all related costs and expenses. Remember also that you will need to provide and pay for any equipment and labour required to take delivery of the assets.

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